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What should you expect during your service call?

-Inspect Heat exchanger for signs of cracks or excessive rust. (This protects your family and/or customers against potentially fatal carbon monoxide fumes in your home or place of business)
-Check for natural gas leaks.
-Inspect flame sensor.
-Computer furnace efficiency diagnostic.
-Check combustion chamber and burners for proper air/fuel mixture.
-Clean flame burners.
-Check igniter or pilot light.
-Check blower motor and amp draws.
-Check inducer motor and clean pressure port.
-Check proper orientation of the high limit controls.
-Inspect flue pipe for proper draft and clearance.
-Test temperature rise.
-Test high voltage at furnace electrical disconnect.
-Check wiring at furnace and low voltage wiring.
-Tighten blower bolts and inspect fan.
-Lubricate blower motor.
-Inspect condensate drain.
-Tighten screws on furnace cabinet.
-Inspect ductwork around furnace for air loss.
-Inspect combustion air.
-Inspect air filter.


  • Kitchen Sink Installed
  • Kitchen Faucet Repaired/Replaced
  • Toilets Repaired/Replaced
  • Sinks & taps replaced
  • Shower screens fitted, Shower rails fitted
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